First YouTube video

Hey everyone,today I have a very exciting news for all of you, I finally made and uploaded my first YouTube video.


I’ve been wanting to do it for a very long time and now I finally did it. I am so happy and also a bit nervous because I don’t know about the editing technicalities much but m working hard on it and I am sure I’ll get better because I am learning. I don’t have any high quality equipments at the moment. But it’s just the beginning and I tried my best to work with what I have.
Make sure you watch it here:

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Love 💙

Wall Hanging|Room Decor-DIY

Hey guys, so today I got something simple yet super cute for you guys. I made this and so so so many people have complemented me so I thought why not share it. ❤
It’s basically paper quelling design on CD. I did took a bit long but was totally worth the time. So here it is:


I pasted CDs in a row using hot glue and paper design on each CD using a regular craft glue. Also I added a lil ribbon on the back for the hanging part.

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Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you guys in my next post. Till then take care, byee.

Switch Board Decor|DIY

Bored with plain white switches in your room? It’s time to get your paint brushes out and let’s paint 😀
I did this a long time ago but I still love it to death and many many people have complemented me so I thought that would make sense to share it with you guys.😁 So here it is:


I decided to do a tribal design mainly with green and yellow and then later used black to finish it. The colors used above are fabric paints cause it’s smooth and easy to apply on the hard material of the board.
So that is it for this post. I hope u like it and if u try this or make ur own variation definitely tag me on Instagram @bhavyapal76 I will love to see your creations. 
Thank you so much and I will see u guys in my next post. Till then take care,byee.
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Love quote

I recently wrote my first quote and I wanted to share it. So here it is:
“Tell me you see us together,
Make me believe it’s possible
And I shall be yours until the vision gets blurred and eyes refuse to blink.”


I will be posting many quotes and poems, sometimes by famous writers and sometimes by amateur writers like me. Please follow and share. Also like and comment if you like em. It would mean the world to me.
Thank you.